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Fujikura MCI BLACK pour fers

Fujikura MCI BLACK pour fers

Fujikura MCI BLACK pour fers

Simplement le meilleur shaft graphite 2016 pour fers  ,
dans la gamme  80 ou 100 grammes .

€ 125.00


Code article: SFJ531 /2

Fujikura  MCI BLACK  pour fers

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Background of Development

MCI(Metal Composite Iron) that performs both characteristics in CGL of steel shaft and in easy swing from graphite
has received very good appreciation from many golfers since the start of the sales in September 2012( Accumulated
volume shipped by December 2015 is more than 160,000 pieces). Now, we have succeeded in development of
“MCI Black” that is 2nd generation of MCI and has characteristics of shaft weight flow from long to short iron.
The product comes from the technology of MCT (Metal Composite Technology) that has both CGL adjusting
technology and high freedom of graphite designing. It performs shaft weight flow in a set of iron clubs
adequately with maintaining conventional bend rigidity through the set.

Features of MCI Black

While a player can choose his favorite weight to driver to hybrid iron shafts, MCI Black provides individual
shafts’weight generally recommended with long iron to wedge and consequently carries perfect weight flows
in a set of clubs.For uneasy swing and hard capture in long irons, we improved this by making weight of long
irons’shaft closed to hybrid iron shafts.
We improved hooking balls by short irons and performed consistent impact and playability.

Uniquement disponible en tip conique / taper